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Thank you for taking an interest in the Titanium Success Formula and my work in growth and transformation.

I am absolutely committed to working only with clients who I know are going to get results, therefore, it is essential that I understand potential clients and I know their wants and needs. I turn down 90% of clients who request coaching because I do not believe they are ready for the type of RESULTS COACHING that I provide. However, because I want to help as many people as possible, I always invite individuals to attend one of my seminars or join one of my masterminds if coaching is not a good solution at this time. Several of my current clients were initially asked to attend a seminar and I accepted them as a client only after they attended.

This is a quick questionnaire to help me know you a bit more so I can make sure our initial call is not only one where we get to know each other but I also want to take at least a few moments during our call to help you make a distinction or two. I believe that I should never waste a client or potential client’s time so whenever we speak, even during the first call, my goal is to help you get closer to your results.

Titanium is a concept focused on getting results in weeks rather than years! That means, we are going to focus on making big changes and getting big results. Of course, some goals may be several years into the future but the groundwork will be laid in weeks!

Arman Sadeghi

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