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It is important for you to remember that all the love you need is already inside of you. You are filled with love and you already radiate love. You are complete just as you are and you are more than enough as you are today. You can always work hard to become more and grow but it’s critical to know that you are already everything that you will ever need to be. You can love yourself today instead of waiting to have a “good” reason to love yourself.

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Women who conquer self-love are the ones who can easily conquer love, intimacy, motherhood and a thriving career! Self-love is the foundation for solid relationships, consistent growth, confidence, kindness and even giving to others. Prior to trying to learn how to be more confident or how to find the perfect partner, you need to get a lot better at loving yourself. Believe it or not, it takes practice and daily “exercise” to truly love yourself.

Once you really love yourself and you’re grateful for everything you have and everything that you’ve experienced in your life, you will feel absolutely complete and you’ll seek a relationship where you can GIVE love not GET love. As soon as that happens, you will attract others into your life who want to give love or if you are already in a relationship, you will see a shift not only in yourself but also your spouse as your self-love will give them a feeling of ease. This feeling of ease allows for intimacy and passion to flow more easily, which leads to a much higher quality relationship. A lack of self-love can manifest itself in many ways including abusive relationships, dating non-masculine, dating men who are much older, men who are verbally or physically abusive or simply not being able to find the right relationship.


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