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Arman Sadeghi is a happily married, busy entrepreneur with 6 businesses and two small daughters yet he has managed to maintain a world-class body for many years. For a busy executive who works 80 or more hours per week and has a family, it is not possible to work out for extended periods of time. Therefore, Arman has developed a program that can completely transform your body in only 25 minutes per day!

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Having a world-class body is much easier than most people think! Unfortunately, most people do not have access the information that can help them achieve their fitness goals. Even more importantly, the information currently available about fitness is mostly wrong. In many cases, people are made to believe that a great body requires spending hours and hours at the gym. In other cases, people buy into the gimmicks that are sold on TV for getting a great body in 5 minutes.

In reality, having the body of your dreams is MUCH easier than you think but it is going to take more than a gimmicky product. Having an amazing body requires dedication and commitment but it does not require you to ever spend more than 25 minutes in the gym! Additionally, building a world-class body does not require you to hire a trainer and do complex movements that are impossible to do without guidance!


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