One-on-One Coaching

Arman Sadeghi’s Titanium Success One-on-One coaching affords you the chance to leverage all of Arman’s extensive knowledge and experience in a personalized one-on-one fashion.

One-on-One Coaching: What Is It?

One-on-one life coaching is a close partnership between a life coach and a student. The partnership is tailored specifically to the student’s needs and develops over time exactly according to how well the student is doing, and what the student tells the life coach he or she is trying to achieve. The partnership lasts as long as the student needs it to last, and it can include constant communication as well as regular one-on-one meetings.

Meet Arman Sadeghi

Arman Sadeghi is a highly successful business owner and life coach. He strives to bring personalized coaching tactics to his students based on their needs. In other words, he doesn’t provide random or generic motivational advice that other services would pass off as customized. Instead, he learns as much about his students as he can on day one, and presents strategies for taking his students’ lives to the next level. Each student needs a particular kind of “rocket fuel” for propelling his or her life to the next level. That’s what Arman brings to the table: an unwavering commitment to creating just the right rocket fuel for each student.

How Arman’s Life Coaching Works

Arman recognizes that all life coaching relationships are unique. For that reason, he doesn’t take on just anyone as a student. The first step for his specialized life coaching is a 30-minute consultation session with the student.

At that point, he provides a sample package of previous successes he has had with students. He has the prospective student fill out a questionnaire, and then Arman and the student mutually decide whether they are a good match, and exactly the types of life coaching strategies that are perfect for the student.

For example, if the student wants to find the right way to make his company shine, Arman will assess the issues the student is dealing with in business, and begin forming short term and long term strategies for achieving those goals. For another example, let’s say the student wants to work on his relationships; even couples coaching with his significant other. Arman can help with stability or even ways to spice up the relationship and keep the spark alive!

With you Every Step of the Way

As a basic package, the student meets with Arman once a week for an hour (four hours a month), or more for higher-intensity packages. If the student lives in the same city as Arman, they can even do these consultations in person. Otherwise, these meetings are held over the phone or via webinar.

There are no contracts! Arman does not need to lock students into a plan. He is confident in his ability to help students get results, so the service is never self-renewing and the results should speak for themselves. Arman will also give students “homework” assignments to work on between meetings, and he will serve as the accountability coach, pushing students to make the progress they want to make.

What Sets Arman Apart

For Arman Sadeghi, life coaching is more than just a series of meetings. Arman is dedicated to being available 24/7 for his students’ needs. For example, if a student needs a text message every morning for the first couple of weeks, Arman is game to provide that extra morning motivation to get the student’s day started with a bang. Students of Arman are encouraged to stay in touch and to come to him with the challenges and obstacles they face on a daily basis.