Leadership Training

Strong leadership is the logical step for graduates of Arman Sadeghi’s incredible Titanium Success Live seminar, and his Leadership Training 1-day course is the way to this success.

The Titanium Success leadership 1-day training seminar is an add-on for the immensely popular 3-day Titanium Live event held by motivational speaker, entrepreneur and life coach Arman Sadeghi. Using his vast experience in business management and leadership, Arman works with groups of people to bolster their creativeness and innovation, opening the door for them to become highly effective leaders. By the end of the day, many people’s lives have been changed forever.

What is leadership Training?

Leadership training is necessary for learning to become a better leader in all aspects of your personal life or career. Attendees will learn how to exert maximum influence and leadership for their future.
Leaders receive valuable training and will be introduced to an amazing peer group of around 100 other leaders in training.
This is also a chance to be a captain, co-captain or MVP of one of the 10 teams at Titanium Live. At Titanium Live, attendees sign up for a team when they register. They then get to know their teams and create lifelong friends because we foster an environment where everyone becomes friends with their teammates.
Here are some upcoming events:

1. Instruction by Arman: November 7-8:
2 Full Days of Instruction with Arman via Skype. If enough people register within a specific location (at least 30), then a trainer will fly out to help facilitate the session

2. Instruction by Arman and Trainers: One Full Day of Leadership Instruction before Titanium Live on February 18, 2015:
Leadership instruction: Live in Anaheim or via Skype from anywhere else

3. Instruction by Arman and Trainers: 16 weeks of 30 minute phone calls with leadership training content (people can call in to listen live or they can listen to the recorded sessions).

Generally one topic covered per week. Leaders are asked to practice particular techniques taught all week long.

Leadership in Your Business

Learning to be a more effective leader has a positive and lasting impact on your surroundings, your business, your career, your family and even your community. Corporations that utilize the power of leadership development programs like the Titanium Success leadership 1-day training seminar have been shown to perform much better overall. The more an organization focuses on internal leadership growth and fostering excellent leaders, the higher its sales, turnover and profit margins can become. Developing leadership in the lowest levels of an organization to the highest leads to an increase in the speed of decision-making throughout the whole corporation and reduces the time it takes to execute a task of any scale.

Arman’s leadership training and consultation is designed to address the modern challenges in leadership development and analysis. The foremost research on the subject suggests a great number of areas in which leaders in all walks of life have to be well-versed and competent. These competencies translate into methods and traits that deliver high performance and excellent results from themselves and from their subordinates. Recently, a brand new perspective on leadership has been emerging thanks to the examples and teachings of successful entrepreneurs like Arman Sadeghi.

Leadership in Your Life

Arman’s leadership training shows how to make lasting changes to your life and the life of others through effective communication and team building. The vital job of today’s leaders is the ability to resolve complicated issues. The key to resolving these complicated issues lies in a leader’s ability to spot the fundamental causes of a problem rather than its symptoms so as to rectify them.

With his knowledge of neurobiology, Arman explains how leaders trained with his techniques are superior in management skills. Once you have learned Arman’s techniques, you will be more aware and more focused. You will have the capability to remain receptive to new concepts and quickly establish the root causes of issues, address them, and thus alleviate the symptoms.

Arman’s leadership training shows you how to strengthen your team’s cohesion and its performance. Leaders impact the cohesion of their groups, and account for over one quarter of the group’s overall performance.

The Titanium Live motivational speaking event led by Arman Sadeghi, along with his leadership coaching program, develops leaders who are innovative, dynamic and an asset to any business. Such leaders can provide better support, planning and execution, while also facilitating interaction between team members and reminding the team of its mutual goals.

Become the leader you know you can be, with Arman Sadeghi’s 1-day leadership training course.