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How to Start a Motivational Speech: 5 Strategies for Capturing the Audience

Imagine standing on stage in a room filled with people in your target audience. You have been booked to give a motivational speech. How are you going to start? You..

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How to be a Motivational Speaker: 4 Key Components

Have you ever wondered how to be a motivational speaker that makes a meaningful impact? A good motivational speaker has a combination of the following four components: An understanding of..

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The Significance of Your Peer Group

Throughout time, we will come across a few people who get things done best on their own. The self proclaimed “individualists” who thrive best in a lonely shed in the..

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Fostering Educational Opportunities In The Workplace

Getting the best ROI on staff comes from motivating and encouraging them to improve their own skillset. Learn how to create these opportunities for staff improvement in your business. Successful entrepreneurs know..