Titanium Challengers Mastermind


The Titanium Challengers mastermind helps you achieve peak satisfaction in all areas of your life. Arman works with you to design a challenge based on the obstacles in your life and teaches you strategies for overcoming these obstacles.

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Living the Titanium Life means taking every aspect of life to levels you never thought possible! Most people go through life with success in only a few areas while allowing the other areas to completely fall apart. Living Titanium means that you never allow any area of your life to fall below the minimum standards you have set for yourself!

Living Titanium means that you play life by your own rules but it also means that you do not break your own rules! In order to stay true to yourself and your own high standards, part of the Titanium life is group accountability and public declarations. Those participating in a Titanium Challenge are held accountable by all other participants for multiple areas of life.

The basic goal of a challenge is to remind you just how many hours you have in a day and just how many hours you’ve been wasting on doing things that are not adding to the quality of your life. By being aware of these facts, individuals are motivated and tracked so they spend “zone” time absolutely and 100% focused on specific areas of their lives for various portions of the day. While in the zone, an individual can perform thousands of times more results than when operating outside of the zone!

Titanium challenges differ each time and participants are often taken out of their comfort zone in order to allow them to grow in areas of life they may not be investing in enough. There is no single better tool for completing the wheel of life than consistently participating in various challenges that push the limits!


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