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Titanium Leadership
Arman Sadeghi

NOV 7 & 8, 2015

Take your Life to the Next Level

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The 7 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Fail

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What is Leadership Training?

Leadership training is necessary for learning to become a better leader in all aspects of your personal
life or career. Attendees will learn how to exert maximum influence and leadership for their future.

Leaders receive valuable training and will be introduced to an amazing peer group of around 100 other
leaders in training.

This is also a chance to be a captain, co-captain or MVP of one of the 10 teams at Titanium Live. At
Titanium Live, attendees sign up for a team when they register. They then get to know their teams and
create lifelong friends because we foster an environment where everyone becomes friends with their

Here are some upcoming events:

  • Instruction by Arman: November 7-8:

    2 Full Days of Instruction with Arman via Skype. If enough people register within a specific location
    (at least 30), then a trainer will fly out to help facilitate the session

  • Instruction by Arman and Trainers:

    One Full Day of Leadership Instruction before Titanium Live on February 18, 2015:

    Leadership instruction:

    Live in Anaheim or via Skype from anywhere else

  • Instruction by Arman and Trainers:

    16 weeks of 30 minute phone calls with leadership training content (people can call in to listen live
    or they can listen to the recorded sessions).

Generally one topic covered per week. Leaders are asked to practice particular techniques taught all
week long.

Titanium Live is a revolutionary 3-day live event which will help you take your life to the next level.

Through powerful training, incredible connections, profound teaching, innovative ideas, mind blowing fun and a gigantic transmission of awesomeness, you’ll be empowered to make a difference.

  1. 3 Life Changing Days With Success-Minded Peers
  2. Learn to Live the Life You've Always Dreamed
  3. Create Your Personal Blueprint For Success
  4. Learn How To Effectively Manage Your Time
  5. Meet Success-Minded Peers
  6. Achieve True Happiness Through Balance
  7. Create and Enjoy More Fulfilling Relationships
  8. Build a Titanium Foundation For Your Business
  9. Banish Self-Sabotage, Live Your True identity

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  • “After attending Titanium Live, I lost over 30 pounds in two months thanks to Arman’s diet and workout methods. I look great, feel great, have more energy than ever and love my healthy lifestyle.”Greg
    Titanium Live 2014 Attendee
  • “As a young entrepreneur, I’ve received so much value in the tools and the systems that Arman shares at Titanium Live. The systems are easy to follow, sustainable and get you results!”Jerry
    Titanium Live 2014 Attendee
  • “The tools and strategies that Arman shares at Titanium Live get you results and help you take things to the next level in a matter of days. One of the best parts about the Titanium Live seminar is all the awesome people you meet.”
    James K
    Titanium Live 2014 Attendee