Lack of Money is Not an Excuse for Startup Businesses

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So many of my business coaching clients say things like “If only I had more money to invest, my business would really take off.” This is mistake number five on my list of the seven biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make in the early stages of their business.

The belief that the lack of money is an excuse for lack of performance.

Lack of Money is Not an Excuse

I’m not saying all ideas can succeed without investors, but most can be bootstrapped. Don’t let the lack of funding keep you from success.

Take an active role in generating the money your business needs. Don’t sit around waiting for an angel investor to be your savior. How much capital do you have right now to invest in your business? If you need more money, what actions can you take to generate more revenue?

Success in business comes down to how much you are willing to invest, and I’m not just talking about money. Money is not the most important tool in your arsenal.

Lack of money is not an excuse podcast

You are Your Most Important Business Tool

You don’t just invest money into a business…you invest a piece of yourself. Your business is built with your hands, heart, and passion.

Entrepreneurs have a fire inside that drives them to do whatever it takes to succeed. This fire is your most important resource. Lack of money is simply an obstacle for you to overcome.

The key to success in business is learning how to tap into this fire at will. Doing so allows you to come with creative ways to solve your money problem. The most important thing is to keep yourself from getting discouraged. You might not be able to grow your business at the pace you want, but you can always keep moving in the right direction if you use your money right.

If you need help tapping into that fire inside, consider scheduling a consultation with a peak performance coach today.

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