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The Suns

The Suns are Hot, Powerful and Focused! They had a great turnout at Titanium Live in August 2015. The Yellow Team is ready to make a huge impact at Titanium Live, February 2016!

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Angela Johnson


I am in the business of HOA management, i have spent the last couple of years working towards improving “me” so I can be the best version of me i can. I love learning and I love teaching others how to be the best they can be, i just have to learn to come out of my shell a little more to accomplish this.
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Patti Soto


I’ve been married for 37 yrs, 3 daughters, 4 grandkids, mom and cat Aria. Real Estate Agent 26 yrs helping people achieve their dreams of home ownership. For business this career has had ups and downs financially for me due to my battle with procrastination which has caused me to have high and extreme low peaks of income and extended into my personal life. Attended Titanium Live summer 2015 plus all the classes and feel I’m beginning to have several breakthroughs. I’ve realized before I can be a truly good leader I must know myself and work through my own weaknesses with my strengths that I have learned through the different Titanium Classes…. It will be an exciting journey.



The MVP position is reserved for first-time Titanium Attendees only and this is a position that will be filled at the event. If you are interested in this position, please be sure to contact the team Leader and Captain to let them know. If you are interested in becoming a future captain or leader, this is a great way to start!



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