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The Samurai

The Samurai are Courageous, Disciplined and Zen! They had a great showing at Titanium Live in August 2015. The Black Team is ready to make a huge impact at Titanium Live, February 2016!

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Camron Jenebian


Having attended a majority of the Titanium seminars, I have witnessed first hand the powerful and life changing transformations that have occurred during these gatherings. People get an opportunity to meet with like minded individuals to better themselves through the tools and techniques taught by Arman Sadeghi. The Titanium seminars produce a positive, high energy environment for people to further develop their goals, aspirations and skills. From learning new studying methods to benefiting my academic career as a student, to developing better sales techniques as a loan officer, each Titanium seminar has impacted my life in a very real and positive way and I now see this as an opportunity to give back.
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Alexander Muto


I am a motivational speaker, a published author, and founder of the non-profit Ignite A Life, the youth group Hawaii Leaders Core, and the mentoring program Dreamers Campus University. I’m am an inspiration to others and have traveled around the world sharing my story. Me story in a nutshell is I used to be bullied and let other define who I was. I decided one day to trust in myself and discover who I was, creating the person I wanted to be. I decided that no matter the challenge, no matter the situation, I would always overcome. I did this, and have never looked back. I took this lesson and founded three organizations for the youth of Hawaii. I help people find their light.



The MVP position is reserved for first-time Titanium Attendees only and this is a position that will be filled at the event. If you are interested in this position, please be sure to contact the team Leader and Captain to let them know. If you are interested in becoming a future captain or leader, this is a great way to start!



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