The Royals

The Royals are Leaders, Brave and Trend-Setters! They are one of only three teams that are VIP so their members receive priority seating, special meals and a lot of other perks. They had a great showing at Titanium Live in August 2015. The Purple Team is ready to make a huge impact at Titanium Live, February 2016! *PAID VIP TICKET REQUIRED TO BE ON THIS TEAM

Loura Sanchez

Loura Sanchez


I love new experiences and travel. I one of the largest law firms in the country that specializes in community association law. However I am selling my firm and embarking on a new adventure helping business owners create the company they want through developing a culture that supports the goals of the company.

Liza Thomas


I was born in England in 1979, the only girl with 4 brothers, so I was equally spoiled and tortured. I visit family in England once a year especially my amazing Nan who is 95, still living on her own and is as sharp as a tack! I started my career in Real Estate in 1998, I am a Senior Escrow Officer. I love to travel and try to visit new places any chance I get. I have 2 dogs Reese and Bodhi.



The MVP position is reserved for first-time Titanium Attendees only and this is a position that will be filled at the event. If you are interested in this position, please be sure to contact the team Leader and Captain to let them know. If you are interested in becoming a future captain or leader, this is a great way to start!



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