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The Eagles

The Eagles are Intelligent, Efficient, and Unstoppable! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the amazing health and fitness team, where any dream can come true. Whether you’re looking to lose weight and be healthier, or looking to break into the fitness industry, we are the team for you! After all, obtaining those chiseled abs are only one decision away! The Eagles are one of the only three teams that are VIP so their members receive priority seating, special meals and a lot of other perks. They had a great showing at Titanium Live in August 2015. The Silver Team is ready to make a huge impact at Titanium Live, February 2016! *PAID VIP TICKET REQUIRED TO BE ON THIS TEAM

Loura Sanchez

Andrea Sandidge


Hi, I’m Andrea! I manage operations for Seequs Marketing Technologies, located in Denver, Colorado. My experience began in customer service management at an online outdoor retailer, and has led me through the digital marketing and SEO worlds over the last 10 years. I love the challenge and fluidity of digital marketing, and I especially love helping people/businesses achieve results online they never thought were possible.

I have two girls that I love! We enjoy outdoor activities like camping, hiking, off roading, photography and travel. When I’m on my own, I love riding my dirt bike and getting lost in the woods.

My favorite things are pranks/weird humor, art, real tangible books, knowledge, intuition and personal connections. Thank you for this opportunity!

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Diana Siciliano


I am a Wealth Advisor for a family-owned bank, and enjoy my work, but have not been getting enough from my career for myself and my personal wealth. I have been feeling incredibly burned-out for some time, and need to make changes. I want to feel like I am thriving as opposed to surviving.



The MVP position is reserved for first-time Titanium Attendees only and this is a position that will be filled at the event. If you are interested in this position, please be sure to contact the team Leader and Captain to let them know. If you are interested in becoming a future captain or leader, this is a great way to start!



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