Stop Being Who You Really Are

Episode 047

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What if I said you need to stop being who you really are in order to see more success in life?

You might have just scoffed at this idea – particularly if you subscribe to the “ just be yourself ” life mantra. Here is why “ being yourself ” caps your potential.

We Use “I’m Just Being Me” as an Excuse

Do you consider yourself a morning person? If you don’t, what’s your reason?

When confronted with this question, most people will answer with “I’m just not a morning person.” People give this answer as if it is a fact about themselves that can’t be changed. When you say you just aren’t a morning person, you’re stripping yourself of your power to make positive lifestyle changes.

If you really want to improve your life, you have to shed the idea that you have concrete character traits that you cannot change. You can develop any positive trait through consistent, focused action.

Stop being who you really are podcast

Who You Are is Who You Choose to Be

So many people think their traits are set in stone. Everyone is dealt some natural strengths and weaknesses. It is our choice as to how we develop our strengths and work on our weaknesses.

It sounds easy to remedy, but many of my business coaching clients struggle with stepping outside the box they’ve trapped themselves in. My ‘idea’ people tell me they can’t do numbers, and my ‘numbers’ people tell me they can’t come up with innovative ideas. Both areas are important, but the Innovator and the Operator each romanticize their label as more important than the other.

Stop romanticizing the prison you’ve trapped yourself in. An artist can also be a financial wizard and vice versa. Remove these limiting labels and you’ll uncap your potential in both life and business.

If you are ready to push beyond your limits in life and business, schedule a peak performance session with Arman today.

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