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When you start a business, you shouldn’t see yourself running the day-to-day operations forever. The best part about being a business owner is enjoying the fruits of your labor. If you can’t even imagine stepping away from your business for a couple weeks to enjoy a vacation, you are making mistake number four on my list of the seven biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make:

Creating systems too complicated for your employees to follow.

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Humans Need Room for Error

We need a little room for error in our systems. I follow the 70 percent rule for my business systems. This rule states any system you create should be so good that an employee can still get good results even if they only perform the task 70 percent as well as you.

Take a sales script for example. Your sales script needs to be so well-written that even if your salesperson messes up 30 percent of the time, they still hit their sales targets.

Optimizing your business systems to this level is the only way to achieve freedom from the day-to-day operations of your business.

You may think a 30 percent margin is a lot. I want to talk about a system you use every day – the road.

The typical car is 7ft wide and the typical truck is 8.5ft wide. Freeway lanes are 12ft wide. A professional truck driver only has to be 59 percent-accurate to stay in their lane. You need to create a system this good for your business.

Say you own a restaurant and you are known for your lasagna. Your system has to be so good that the people you hire can make the lasagna just as well as you.

Systems are designed to support people. You want a systems-dependent company, not a people-dependent company. When you have good people in good systems, your business thrives.

Your homework for this article is to make a list of all the systems crucial to your to your business. Go through every process and document where you can make improvements.

A business coach can help you improve your business systems and ultimately find you more time to enjoy the success of your business. Schedule a consultation with Titanium Success to get more out of your business systems.

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