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Our genetics haven’t changed since we were cavemen. About 200,000 years ago, humans, as we are today, began appearing on Earth. If you time traveled and grabbed a baby from 198,000 years ago to raise in the present, it would turn out no different than you and me. Why I am I telling you this?

Because every strategy I share in the Titanium Life podcast is based on how we have not changed genetically since we were living in caves. Between 200,000 years ago and 10,000 years ago, humans were hunters and gatherers. Then, we discovered agriculture and we became more sedentary. While society has changed, many of our caveman instincts remain. The systems that run our body are also the same.

The Caveman Theory in Action

Let’s apply the caveman theory to exercise. So many people like to do cardio. They think the roadmap to the body they want requires lots of cardio to constantly burn calories. If you understand the caveman theory, you know this isn’t true.

When would a caveman have done cardio for an extended period of time? It would have been when they are on a long walk in between meals. The body goes into preservation mode to save energy.

A caveman burned calories while chasing prey. This involved short periods of sprinting followed by rest. This is why high-intensity interval training is the most effective way to get the body you want.

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The Caveman Theory Explains our Fear of Change

We are genetically hardwired to fear change. It makes logical sense. Change in those days could mean the difference between life and death. It is our fear of change that saved us when a saber-toothed tiger entered our cave.

The problem is we still react to change as if our survival is constantly on the line. The stakes are rarely that high in modern society. Our brain doesn’t know any better, though. Our instinct will always tell us to resist change.

This is why I love neuroscience. I have studied how to use the intellectual brain to overcome the instinctual brain. Let’s look at eating as an example.

How the Caveman Theory Affects How We Eat

When we were still living in caves, we had no idea when our next meal was coming. Our bodies are programmed to eat as much as possible whenever there is food in front of us. In our modern society, we have instant access to food at any moment. If we overeat at every meal, we quickly gain weight.

You have to overcome this instinct to stay healthy and fit. Be conscious of every food choice. Wait 10 minutes after you first feel full, and you’ll realize you no longer have the desire to overeat.

The caveman theory doesn’t just affect fitness or how we eat. It’s at play in every aspect of our lives. A business coach can help you harness the power of the caveman theory. Schedule your consultation today.

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