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How long do you think you need to spend in the gym each day to have the body you want? Some people spend up to two hours in the gym every day and still don’t get the results they want. I know because I used to be one of those people.

When I was younger, I spent two hours in the gym four days a week. Each session took three hours of my day when I added up travel and shower time. After a few months, I just didn’t have time to spend that long in the gym. Four times a week went down to three, then to two, and soon I wasn’t going to the gym at all. I needed a new fitness system.

titanium life 25 minute workout podcast

The Roots of the Titanium Life 25 Minute Workout

Years ago, back when I was a kid, I bought a fitness program called Cybergenics. It was a two-hour fitness program four days a week, and I did it for years. I learned a lot about fitness through this program.

When I got tired of going to the gym for two hours each session, I tried to do it faster. I shaved down the rest times and got it down to 90 minutes. This worked great. Then, one day I only had 45 minutes to work out. Here’s how I did it.

First, you need to understand some muscles are complimentary and others opposite. When you work your chest out, for example, you often work your triceps. Same with back and biceps. I decided to flip this. I did chest and biceps, and then back and triceps. While one muscle group was working, the other was resting, which let me cut down rest periods drastically.

Doing this 45-minute workout made it so much easier to get to the gym consistently. I kept tweaking the program and eventually got it down to 35 minutes. This let me get in and out of the gym in about an hour.

Eventually, I got it down to 28 minutes. I was known for it for years. About three years ago, I decided to cut it down to 25 minutes, and that was the true birth of the Titanium Life 25 minute workout.

The Titanium Life 25 Minute Workout Explained

The Titanium Life 25 minute workout has me in the best shape I’ve ever been in. The secret to the time frame without sacrificing results is short burst, high-intensity interval training. Here is the framework:

  • Day 1: chest and biceps ( five min burnout on Abs)
  • Day 2: back and triceps ( five min burnout on glutes)
  • Day 3: shoulder and abs ( five min burnout on Abs )
  • Day 4: Legs ( five min burnout on Legs )

The cycle starts over on day five. There are NO DAYS OFF when using the Titanium Life 25 minute workout. You probably noticed there is no cardio in this program. That’s because you get your cardio from moving from exercise to exercise without rest. The titanium life fitness guide breaks down all of the exercises for each day.

If you follow through on this program, you’ll be in the best shape of your life. You’ll have the most energy you ever had by spending a fraction of the time in the gym each session. My challenge to you is to decide to go to the gym for 25 minutes each day for 30 days and follow my fitness guide.

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