The Three Decisions that Shape our Lives

Episode 025

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At any given moment, there are three decisions we are all making. These three decisions shape our destiny. They are:

  1. What am I going to focus on?
  2. What meaning will I assign?
  3. What action will I take?

This episode of the Titanium Life podcast explains the three decisions that shape our lives using real-world examples. Let’s get started.

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What are You Going to Focus on?

There are thousands of stimuli coming through our sensory filters every minute. We can only focus on a tiny fraction of the stimuli we are exposed to. Take this podcast for example. Research shows you’ll forget 95 percent of the information by the time you’re done listening. Whether your conscious of it or not, your brain decides which 5 percent is worth retaining.

No one will retain the same 5 percent. We choose what we focus on based on what’s important to us.

What Meaning Will You Assign?

Now, the things we focus on are neutral until we assign a meaning. For example, say I stumble in recording a podcast. Some may assign a positive meaning. They like how it makes me seem human and they feel a connection to me. Others may assign a negative meaning. They think that because I stumbled, the information in my podcast isn’t worth listening to.

Whether you assign positive or negative meanings determines your perception of life.

What Action Will You Take?

This is the decision most people think comes first, but the reality is it comes last. The thing is, if you’ve already assigned something a negative meaning, you will perform a negative action. Our bad habits come from unconsciously assigning negative meanings to stimuli and taking negative action.

The Titanium Success method is about taking conscious control of the three decisions that shape our lives.

The Three Decisions in Action

Where the three decisions that shape our lives really come into play is our relationships with other people. My wife is a master of these three decisions. She chooses to focus on the best parts of me. She assigns empowering meanings to my behaviors and takes positive actions.

With many relationships, both parties choose to focus on the negative. Say your significant other wants to go out with their friends, but you can’t go. Most assign it a negative meaning and look at it as their significant other doesn’t want to be with them. Someone in a healthy relationship assigns it a positive meaning and look at it as it is a good thing they get to enjoy time with their friends.

Another area these three decisions come into play is how we see failure. Most assign a negative meaning to failure, so they decide to avoid it altogether. I assign a positive meaning to failure. I ask for failure because I decide to see it as a learning experience.

Making the Three Decisions Work for You

You ALWAYS have these three choices, no matter how bad a situation might seem. A few years ago, I was in a terrible accident. I decided to assign a positive meaning to this experience because it brought all of my family together. God gave me another chance at life and I realized it was my purpose to help people.

Most people spend their lives focusing on the wrong things. They assign negative meanings to these things and take negative actions. If this sounds like you, consider meeting with a life coach to learn how to use the three decisions to shape the life you want.

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