The Power of Forgiveness

Episode 022

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We all experience people, whether it be at work or in our personal lives, who do us wrong in some way. Our natural reaction is to seek revenge. They hurt us, so we want to hurt them back. Unfortunately, this type of attitude will never make you happy. You’ll carry that hate with you forever and it will literally make you sick.

This episode of the Titanium Life podcast is about harnessing the power of forgiveness. When you learn how to forgive people, you’ll feel healthier and happier.

Our Brain’s Role in How We Feel

The brain regulates our happiness through various neurotransmitters, with dopamine and serotonin being the two most common. There are things we can do to trigger the release of these “happy” chemicals. Smiling is one such thing.

Try it now. Smile for five seconds, and try and think about something negative while smiling. You’ll find it’s impossible. Laughing is another simple thing that releases these chemicals.

Having a regular exercise routine is a harder, but more effective, way to get a steady supply of these feel-good chemicals.

Try to make smiling, laughing, and exercising a daily habit over the next 30 days.

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Forgiveness is a Choice That Can Save Your Life

When you hold negative things like a grudge inside of you, your body releases chemicals that can literally kill you. There are viruses that thrive when your body is in a state of stress. The Herpes virus is one example.

Just release all that you’re holding onto. It may take time, but you need to forgive everything weighing on your mind – your health depends on it.

This happens because the body is hardwired to kill itself when it is no longer useful to society. In fact, the next episode is all about our self-destruct button. Not forgiving people triggers this self-destruct button.

Let’s break this pattern. Haven’t they done enough damage to you? Why would you let them hurt you any more than they already have?

As most of you know, I had a near-death experience 2 years ago. Someone shattered my face. I still feel the pain in my face to this day, but I don’t hold on to any hate towards this person. I harnessed the power of forgiveness to set myself free and allow myself to heal from this experience.
Lead With Your Heart

Lead with Your Heart is the tagline for Titanium Success. I believe it’s the secret to a truly fulfilled and happy life. Using the power of forgiveness means leading with your heart and letting go of all grudges. Schedule a life coaching session if you need help using forgiveness in your favor.

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