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Episode 019

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Today’s episode of the Titanium Life podcast focuses on your relationships. We are going to talk about how personalities come in packages. What do I mean? Think about your significant other or some other close relationship in your life. You most likely have things you like and things you don’t like about the person. The concept of personalities come in packages is about accepting the whole person.

Trying to Change People Doesn’t Work

We all have negatives in our package. I’m always working on my negatives, but they’ll never truly go away. It is impossible to try and change the negatives in others. All it does is make a person hate to be around you. This applies to both your personal and professional relationships. Say you have an employee who is innovative and does great work but is never on time. You’ll never make them punctual, so you either need to accept it or get rid of the person.

The same thing goes for your intimate relationships. I absolutely love my wife to death, but of course there are some things I may not like. My wife has things about me she doesn’t like. We accept each other’s entire package, though. We focus on each other’s positives and it allows us to have a thriving relationship.

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Stop Looking for the Perfect Person

If you are in your late 20’s or early 30’s and still haven’t found the right relationship, I bet your standards are too high. You’re looking for the perfect person and they just don’t exist.

You need to learn to accept people’s faults as minor compared to their positives. Stop dwelling on the little things. Look for a partner who has traits that compliment yours. My wife values stability, for example, while I value seeking thrills and pushing the envelope. The key to our relationship and any romantic relationship is compromise.

If you can’t compromise with a person, you can’t be in a relationship with them.

Relationships are tough. Schedule a consultation with Titanium Success to learn how to apply personalities come in packages to your own life.

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