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Episode 017

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This episode of the Titanium Life podcast is for those who own a business or plan on starting a business. What I see consistently from business coaching clients is they are focusing on what they want to do instead of producing results. They get too wrapped up doing the things they love to do and don’t focus on the things they need to do to produce results.

Producing Results Needs to be Your First Focus

Some companies do alright without focus on getting results for their customers, but its dishonest. You see it alot in the online marketing industry. Bad companies only care about convincing customers to buy their services rather than delivering the best possible results. This is a terrible way to build repeat business.

Producing results needs to be your primary focus if you want to be successful. There is an order of operations to everything in life. In a complex math problem, you get the wrong answer if you do the steps out of order. The same goes for problems in life and business.

Using the Order of Operations in Your Favor

The order of operations I see from most business owners is as follows. First, they think about what product or service they want to offer. Second, they focus on researching what people will pay for. Finally, they concentrate on providing results for the customer.

This is the RIGHT order of operations. Start with a very general overview of what you are passionate about. Then, think of how you can use that passion to help people solve a problem or ease a pain. In other words, ask yourself how your product or service gets results for customers. Next, think about ways to monetize your product or service. This will be easy if you succeed at step one. Anything that produces true results will make you money.

Think about your ideal customer. What type of people will benefit most from purchasing your product or service?

The final step is to focus deeper on what you want to do with your business. This is where you get into details about pursuing what makes you passionate about your business. You’ll have all the time and resources you need if you first focus on getting results.

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Hiring a Business Coach Will Make You Results-Focused

Getting results isn’t easy. It’s actually much easier to focus on glitz and glamour to trick people to hire you in the beginning. That’s why 90 percent of business owners take this route.

I see this type of business leadership in the SEO industry all the time. They don’t care about getting the best results possible. All they care about is doing well enough to cherry-pick metrics that convince their clients they are doing a good job. All that really matters, though, is how many new customers their efforts have generated.

I had a coaching client the other day who is a brilliant businessman. We spent two hours brainstorming how he could provide better results for his clients. He is successful, but he wants to be even more successful. We eventually came up with a 5-page questionnaire to discover the pain points of his customers.

He was shocked by the data. It allowed him to make tweaks that have since sent his results skyrocketing. If you want to see similar results in your business, schedule a business coaching consultation with Titanium Success today.

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