Are You a Personal Development Junkie?

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How many personal development books have you read this year? How many seminars have you attended? If you’re reading book after book and attending seminar after seminar, you might be a personal development junkie.

What is a Personal Development Junkie?

A personal development junkie is someone who is addicted to consuming personal development content. Now, on the surface, this doesn’t sound like a bad thing. The problem is personal development junkies are not good at implementing the things they learn. They start reading the next book or attend the next seminar before they let any strategies really take hold.

I notice the people who are on the “seminar circuit” when I run my business and fitness seminars. They think their lives will turn around if they simply put the information in their head. My goal is to make my seminar the last they’ll ever attend. If I succeed, it means they applied my strategies and got the results they wanted.

Controlling Your Personal Development Habit

Don’t worry if you’re a personal development junkie. Controlling your habit is simple. Force yourself to apply what you learned from the last book you read or seminar you attended. Don’t give up at the first sign of resistance.

Every strategy will not work perfectly. Failure is okay. Your goal is to simply get the most value out of each piece of content you consume.

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My Personal Development Challenge to You

I challenge you to start applying the personal development strategies you earned this year. Take a break from the seminar circuit and focus on a few key things you want to change. If you have been listening to the Titanium Life podcast since episode 1, spend the next 21 days implementing something you learned.

These 21-day challenges are what I use myself to turn personal development techniques into daily habits. Schedule a life coaching session with me if you need help building and following through on the right personal development challenge.

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