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I’m a business coach. You might be wondering why a business coach is talking about health and fitness. It’s because I’ve noticed a trend in a lot of people I coach – they don’t have the energy they need to succeed.

I realized these people needed to tweak their diets to lose weight and give themselves more energy throughout the day. It’s what made me come up with this list of 10 essentials for weight loss.

1 – Don’t Drink Your Calories

Any drink with tons of calories is going to kill your chance of losing weight. Sugary drinks like soda, lemonade, and fruit juice are packed with a ton of sugar and useless categories. Milk is another drink that includes too many calories, even though many think it’s healthy.

The problem with drinking your calories is your body never feels like its full. The signals in your stomach that indicate you are full are never triggered. You’ll end up overeating every time.

2 – Drink More Water Than You Thought Possible

I fill up five 32-ounce water bottles up at the beginning of each day. My goal is to drink at least this much water each day. Why? Because it does so many incredible things. Not only does it hydrate us, it helps us burn calories.

Drinking water also fills up our stomachs. This sends signals to our brain that our stomach is full. It keeps us from overeating.

3 – Don’t Eat Processed Carbohydrates

You must eliminate processed carbohydrates if you want to lose weight. What are processed carbohydrates? They are foods that are completely man-made. Foods like pasta, white bread, and potato chips.

These foods have tons of calories and zero to little nutrition. Eliminate them completely before your diet.

4 – Don’t Ignore the Little Things

One of the biggest mistakes people make when making changes to their diet is ignoring the little things. People think just a little bit of milk and sugar in their coffee is okay. It’s not if you’re trying to lose weight.

You have to be strict with yourself if you want to lose weight.

5 – Never Eat With the Intention of Burning it off Later

You cannot eat food and then get on a treadmill to burn it off. We’ve all been guilty of this. We don’t realize how many calories snacks like ice cream contain. A small ice cream is about two meal’s worth of calories. You’ll have to be on the treadmill for hours to burn it off.

The right way to eat an ice cream once in a while is to cut those calories out of your day from another meal.

6 – Never Say Healthy Food isn’t Accessible

People love to use this excuse to justify their poor eating habits. Healthy food is always accessible. It’s just a matter of what you buy and prepare.

Even when ordering out, there are always health-conscious options on the menu.

7 – Don’t Let Your Loved Ones Stop You From Progress

Human beings are programmed to look at a human being and see weight loss as a scary thing. We subconsciously see weight loss as a signal that someone is dying. Think about it – why else would a caveman lose weight?

There is a big difference between healthy and unhealthy weight loss. The essentials for weight loss in this article teach you how to lose weight without sacrificing your health.

8 – Lie When You Feel Peer Pressure to Eat

Say you go out to dinner with friends and family. You order a small salad and everyone makes fun of you for eating like a bird. Instead of telling them you’re on a diet, just lie. Say you already ate. Don’t give in to their pressure!

9 – Don’t be Fooled by Food Labels That Claim to be Healthy

The statements on the front of food labels, like “all-natural” or “sugar-free”, are misleading. You have to look at the ingredients on the back of the label to really see if a food is healthy. Check the serving sizes specifically.

10 – Don’t Think You Have to Give up Everything to Lose Weight

Many people have a negative mindset towards weight loss. It sabotages their efforts before they even begin. These type of people think they have to give up everything they love to lose weight. It’s not true. Weight loss and health are totally different.

One example is going vegan. This is a very healthy lifestyle, but it doesn’t automatically make you lose weight. Another example is juicing. Juicing is healthy only if you juice nothing but vegetables.

Essentials for weight loss podcast

Start Applying the 10 Essentials for Weight Loss Today

Let’s review the 10 essentials for weight loss we covered today:

  1. Don’t drink your calories
  2. Drink more water than you thought possible
  3. Don’t eat processed carbohydrates
  4. Don’t ignore the little things
  5. Never eat with the intention of burning it off later
  6. Never say healthy food isn’t accessible
  7. Don’t let your loved ones stop you from progress
  8. Lie when you feel peer pressure to eat
  9. Don’t be fooled by food labels that claim to be healthy
  10. Don’t think you have to give up everything to lose weight

Make a commitment to incorporating these essentials for weight loss for the next 30 days. Keep a journal to keep track of your progress. If you need someone in your corner to help you keep your commitment, consider hiring a life coach today.

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