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One of the reasons I do the Titanium Life podcast is to answer common questions I get from listeners and clients. Recently, a lot of people have been asking me why people take advice from the wrong people. As one person said to me – “I’m tired of losers taking the advice of losers!”

It might sound harsh, but some people in your life are in no position to give advice. Knowing how to take advice from the right people is key to improving any area of your life.

How to Take Advice From the Right People

Taking advice from the right people is simple. Only take advice from people who are actually getting the results you want. The two areas I see people take advice from the wrong people the most are finance and fitness.

One client I had was taking financial advice from a friend who has tons of debt and no investments. The financial advice he has to give simply isn’t good. You only associate with people who are bad at finances, so you are also bad at finances.

The same goes for losing weight. People follow weight loss tips from people who constantly struggle with their weight. It’s because these tips sound easier and more pleasant. They don’t care about getting results.

An Interesting Note About Compliance

I learned something interesting in medical school. Getting the best results is not what inspires people to comply with a piece of advice. People are motivated by what looks the easiest. This concept is evident in medical trials.

In medical school, there was a trial for Alzheimer’s. One pill was tiny, white, and the size of an Advil. The other pill was brown and five times larger. The white pill has a 2 out of 10 effectiveness in treating Alzheimer’s symptoms. The brown pill is a whopping 10 out of 10. The issue comes in clinical trials. It was much easier to get people to take the small white pill, coming in at 90 percent compliance. The brown pill only had 5 percent compliance.

There are two groups of people. The “white pill” people just want to do what’s easy. The “brown pill” people want to do what will get them the best results.

Titanium Success is Built on Results and Compliance

In order for a tool to be something I share with you, it must be sound in theory and have gotten results in my own life. My revolutionary 25-minute workout is the perfect example. This is the routine I use every day in the gym. It was built with compliance in mind. It is so much easier to do a 25-minute workout every day than a two-hour workout every day.

You’ll get more results from the 25-minute workout, even though the two-hour workout is more intense. Why? The answer is compliance. I teach what works, not what sounds good.

Sometimes people don’t agree with my approach. One time, I was speaking to 600 educators and someone came up to me after the presentation to tell me he didn’t like what I was teaching. That’s perfectly fine. My approach isn’t for everyone, but it DOES get results.

Take advice from the right people. Be picky with the information you allow to stay in your head. If you need more than advice, schedule a peak performance coaching session with Titanium Success today.

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