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What is it that makes the difference between the best in the world and those who don’t quite make it? A lot of unsuccessful people think success comes from uncontrollable factors like luck and genetics. I’m here to tell that’s bogus. This type of thinking allows you to blame failure on external forces, which makes you okay with failure. Stop waiting for good luck to make you more successful in your life. Start watching what successful people do, because success leaves clues. Let’s talk more about this concept.

What Does “Success Leaves Clues” Mean?

Success leaves clues is based on the concept of modeling. We are hardwired to learn by watching the behavior of others. It’s how we learn to walk and talk. Modeling is simple. You watch the behavior of others and use it to model your own behavior. Successful people do things on a consistent basis that the rest don’t do. Write this down and remember it, because that is what makes the difference in every single area of your life.

Now, just because someone is successful in one area of life does not mean they can serve as your model for all areas of your life. I know successful businesspeople who I would take business advice from, but not relationship advice. Some of my friends are incredible in the gym, but they don’t know anything about eating healthy.

Using this strategy successfully comes down to choosing the right people to model your behavior after.

Using Modeling to Change Your Behavior

The first thing you need to do is get yourself around successful people more often. You might love your current group of friends, but they could be holding you back. They’re always trying to get you to go out when you have work the next day. It seems like they don’t care about growing at all. You have to see their behavior as a sign what NOT to do.

Hang around your successful friends more often. Pay close attention to what they do. Look at the little things, because those things make the biggest difference. Take finances for example. People think those who are rich are successful because of the big things. The reality is it’s the little things they do that allows them to grow their wealth. You could give $50,000 to someone who is broke and they would be broke again in three months.

The little things apply to your relationships as well. Things like hugging your significant other a little longer each time goes a long way.

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Successful People are Everywhere

Your choices for modeling are not limited to the rich and famous. You have successful people in your network of friends and coworkers. They are all around you. Your challenge today is to pick an area of life you want to improve most. Then, find a person in your life who is successful in that area. Make it a point to see this person more often over the next 30 days.

If you’re having trouble putting modeling into action, a peak performance coach can help. Schedule a call with Titanium Success to learn more about how we teach modeling to clients.

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