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Do you find yourself sacrificing your relationship with your significant other to pursue your career goals? It’s a common problem among Americans. So many of us want to succeed in our careers. We set big goals and want to achieve big things. Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that our intimate relationships are just as important as our careers. Career relationship balance is something most never experience.

Many of us never care about career relationship balance until it’s too late. Your significant other has probably given subtle, or not-so-subtle hints that you aren’t spending enough time with them. There are three reasons why this might be the case.

3 Reasons Why Your Career Relationship Balance is out of Whack

1 – You are Lacking Presence

When my wife tells me I’m not spending enough time with her, what she’s really saying is that she doesn’t feel my presence. Not being present in the moment while spending time with your significant other is the first reason your career and relationship are unbalanced.

The good news is you can increase your presence without actually increasing the time you spend with your significant other. They’ll feel your presence for the rest of the day and won’t feel neglected. One trick I use when hanging out with my wife is putting my phone on airplane mode. I make it a point of letting her see me do it. I make a huge attempt to be present and my wife hardly has complained about me working too much in our 10 years of marriage.

Try the cell phone trick for the next 30 days and both you and your partner will see the difference.

2 – Your Focus is Not Strong Enough

Some people think they are hard workers because they work 100 hours a week. Your focus isn’t as strong as it could be if you’re working this long. There is something wrong with the way you’re working if you’re working 12-hour days consistently.

Now, I have six businesses. There are some days where I have to work 12 hours, but my normal workweek is less. The systems I have in place let me work smarter, not harder. I’ve shaved 3 or 4 hours out of my workday through these systems, and it allows me to spend more times in the other area of my wheel of life (link). I have my coaching clients fill out the Titanium wheel of life to rate their satisfaction in each of the 10 main areas of life. Try it out for yourself to get an idea of your current state of balance.

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3 – You and Your Partner Don’t Share the Same Long-Term Goals

How often do you and your partner talk about your long-term goals? Sometimes career relationship balance is impossible because you just don’t share the same long-term goals. Your partner might want to start a family now, for example, while you wanted to wait another five years. In this case, you’ll have to have a serious talk to see if the relationship needs to end.

Other times, you and your partner have similar long-term goals, but there is a lack of communication. Make it a point to talk to your significant other about their long-term goals. Also, be vocal about your long-term goals. clear communication is the key here.

Improving Your Career Relationship Balance

My challenge to you is to be 100 percent present with your significant other when you see them today. Send a nonverbal message to them that says THEY are the most important thing in your life.

When you address these three problems head-on, it injects rocket fuel into both your career and relationship. Schedule a coaching session with Titanium Success to get a detailed plan for achieving career relationship balance.

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