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Episode 1 – Welcome to the Titanium Life Podcast

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Episode 1 – Welcome to the Titanium Life Podcast

You are listening to the Apollo Podcast network. This is Titanium Life Radio with your host Peak performance speaker and business coach Arman Sadeghi.Welcome to the Titanium Life Podcast. Hi, this is Arman Sadeghi. I am so honored and thrilled to be with you here today and to announce as of September 15th, 2015 you are going to be able to get my podcast once a week and get to hear me talking about different area of life and business and even hearing me interview some people who I believe are going to be extremely influential in your life.

I am so honored that you joined me today and this is just a little tease to get you excited because in just a few short days my podcast is going to be available. So I encourage you to come join me, and every week let’s spend few minutes together where I can share some incredible secrets with you, and how to inject rocket fuel into your life.

You see, most people are running life on 87 octane gasoline and at best they get to 89 or maybe even 91 octane. Well, guess what? If we go little above that, we can get you to have some jet fuel inside of you. And finally, with the Titanium life podcast, my goal is absolutely to inject rocket fuel into your life.

Get you to be at the best you can possibly be in every area in your life, including fitness and finances, health and business and relationships. You see, I want you to have it all. Now, I am not telling you, you have to do it my way. You can do it whatever way you want. I am just going to share my secrets with you that have worked for me and for a lot of other people. And through these different podcasts, every week, you are going to be exposed to some incredible things that you can take to the next level of your life.

So, join me starting September 15th2015, for an incredible weekly journey, that you can get on your phone, on your computer, and any other place that you can listen to the podcast. So, join me and let’s have some fun together. I love you all, and I want to remind you as always, live with your heart. Have a beautiful day. Thanks for listening to Titanium life radio with Arman Sadeghi. Here on the Apollo Podcast network. For more information, or to subscribe to this podcast, visit titaniumsuccess.com/podcast.


Arman Sadeghi’s Titanium Life Podcast is a truly life changing force that encompasses every aspect of life. Topics covered are Business/Career, Health, Wealth, Relationships, and overall Fulfillment and Happiness. For more information go to https://titaniumsuccess.com/ or Arman’s next Titanium Live event!