Advice on How to Retain Talent from 3 of the World’s Best Workplaces

Every year, Fortune Magazine partners with A Great Place to Work to create a list of the world’s best workplaces. These are global companies that still manage to make even their lowest employees feel valued and appreciated. Here’s how three of these companies retain talent by providing a great place to work.

Cisco’s Dedication to Professional Development

One of the big reasons Cisco always ranks as one of the best places to work is their continued dedication to professional development. They have an app called “ The Stretch Assignment Marketplace “ that lets employees search for mentors, swap jobs, and find professional development assignments.

Cisco also has daily discussions regarding performance and potential, which is a model they use instead of the traditional annual performance review.

How Does DHL Retain Talent?

DHL, the German Logistics company, is one of the best at retaining their best talent. They achieved this through creating an extensive collection of courses, both digital and in-person, to help their employees develop professionally.

There are courses for every level of employee. New and entry-level employees take courses on the shipping industry, company culture, and proficiency courses on the various tools used in the shipping industry. Managers take courses on things like motivation, communication, and transparency.

H&M has a Hands-on Approach to Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are the key to making your company a great place to work. One of the ways to get employees engaged is to weave their interests into their work whenever possible. Fashion company H&M does an excellent job of this.

When conducting public events or shooting commercials, H&M makes a point to include their employees in things like styling, makeup, photography, and even serving as extras in commercial shoots. They also provide perks to employees that make them feel truly apart of each campaign.

No matter the size of your company, developing and retaining talent is the key to being a top business in your niche.

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